Homo sapiens sapien
I really wish August 2014 would reset or fuck off and go away.

I really wish August 2014 would reset or fuck off and go away.

Child Rebel Soldier never amounted to much, but I will always appreciate this take on “The Eraser.”

Towa Tei- Funkin’ for Jamaica 

Towa Tei- Technova (La Em Copacabana)

"Speaking of which, got a leash and wish just to rock you miss."

i remember spending inordinate amounts of time on this site

constantly scrolling

looking for some kind of solace

a laugh

a thought-provoking bit of randomness

years later i don’t know if i’ve found any of those things

if i’m any closer

if anything posted on this page will make any more sense of what came before it

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The 2004 movie Brown Sugar features a repeated question from Sanaa Lathan’s character, “So, when did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?”

It is both literal and a metaphor for her character’s relationship with the male lead played by Taye Diggs. In the literal sense my answer is 2004 when I first…

Hey, I wrote words.

Every time I compose a tweet or status to complain about something, I picture the images from Syria.


Between working and needing time to “process” and let the smoke clear, after a week I’m ready to share some thoughts on “the greatest words that have ever rhymed and not rhymed and then were put to a beat and rapped by a human being ever, oh man, in 2013.”

The reality of that description is…